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Mandelbrot B B Une classe de processus stochastiques homothetiques a soi: Application a la loi climatologique de H. Mandelbrot B B a The variation of some other speculative prices Joural of Business vol 40 pp — Mandelbrot B B When can price be arbitrated efficiently? A limit of the validity of the random walk and martingale models Review of Economics and Statistic vol 53 pp — Mandelbrot B B b Limit theorems on the self-normalized range for weakly and strongly dependent process Zeitschrift Wahrscheinlichkeitsttheorie und Verwandte Gebiete vol 31 pp — Shiryaev A N The problem of the most rapid detection of a disturbance in a stationary process Soviet Mathematical Doklady 2 pp — Shiryaev A N On optimal methods in quickest detection problems Theory of Probability and its Applications 8 1 pp 22 — Shiryaev A N On Markov sufficient statistics in non-additive Bayes problems of sequential analysis Theory of Probability and its Applications 9 4 pp — Brush S G , A history of random processes: 1.

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Login Create Account Admin. On the spectrum of oscillations in economics. This is the latest version of this item. All papers reproduced by permission. Reproduction and distribution subject to the approval of the copyright owners. View Item. Viktor O. Schumpeter J A The common sense of econometrics Econometrica. Juglar Economic Cycle: Kondratiev Economic Cycle: Barr K Long waves: A selective annotated bibliography Review 2 4 pp — Eklund K Long waves in the development of capitalism?

Kyklos 33 3 pp — Wallerstein I Economic cycles and socialist policies Futures 16 6 pp — The slump after has cost savers and taxpayers dear, so better means of predicting cycles so that policy makers can mitigate them is desirable. The debate about whether property cycles result from exogenous shocks or endogenous causes is in danger of being lost sight of. If the former, then the property industry is a channel through which external factors feed through to the economy, albeit magnified by weak adjustment factors.

If there are endogenous causes, then policy makers would be unwise to overlook their potential destabilising impact on the economy. Grover, R. Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Please share your general feedback. Eggertsson Bulat Gafarov. David G. New Survey Evidence. Firm Leverage and Unemployment during the Great Recession.

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Marco Del Negro Raiden B. Hasegawa Frank Schorfheide. Philippe Martin Thomas Philippon. Pierpaolo Benigno Gauti B. Eggertsson Federica Romei. Mark Bils Peter J.

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The K Wave

Serena Ng Jonathan H. Kyle Jurado Sydney C. Ludvigson Serena Ng. Marianne Bitler Hilary Hoynes. Jeffrey A. Miron Natalia Rigol. Jonathan N. Avanidhar Subrahmanyam Sheridan Titman. Eric Anderson Benjamin A. Informational Rigidities and the Stickiness of Temporary Sales. Edward P. Shaw Christopher Stanton. Matthias Fleckenstein Francis A. Longstaff Hanno Lustig. Health and Health Behaviors during the Worst of Times.

Gian Luca Clementi Berardino Palazzo. Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeau Lu Zhang. Andrew G.

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Eisfeldt Pierre-Olivier Weill. Measuring the Financial Soundness of U. Firms, Teresa C. Jarmin Javier Miranda. Christopher J.

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Kenneth Burdett Guido Menzio. Kfir Eliaz Rani Spiegler. Philippe Bacchetta Eric van Wincoop. Menzie D. Alisdair McKay Ricardo Reis. The Role of Automatic Stabilizers in the U. Business Cycle.

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Robert C. Efraim Benmelech Nittai K.

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George J. Andrew Levin John B. Alexander M. Stefano Eusepi Bruce Preston.

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