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Because pages are designed for business use, they have a number of features not available on profiles including analytics, advertising, and post scheduling. To make sure you set up your page for success, take advantage of all of the features available to you. Next, click on the Pages tab in the Explore section of the left-hand sidebar of your profile home page. There are six options:. Choosing the right page type for your business may seem straightforward at first, but after glancing at the categories, you may find that your business fits into a different page type than you had originally thought.

After browsing the page type categories, choose the Facebook page type and category that will be the best option for now. If you change your mind after the page publishes, you can always go back and change the category. Change the visibility to Page Unpublished, and click Save Changes. Your profile photo should be x pixels to ensure all of the details of the image are present. You can easily create the right size using a free tool like Canva. Type in x px and click on the Design button to reach the design page.

Resize your image so it fits within the square and looks the way you want.

Facebook Business

Now, simply follow the prompts to upload your new profile picture. Something to keep in mind is that the mobile-friendly area is within the x px area, so if you want to add words to your cover photo by adding a text overlay, make sure it will be visible across all devices. When your image is ready, click on the Add a Cover button in the upper-left corner of the Cover Photo space , and then click Upload Photo. After uploading your cover photo, click on the image to fill out the description.

This is a valuable piece of real estate on your page, so make sure to utilize this area to share a tagline or a price point , and to include a link to your website or a product landing page. Adding a call-to-action button to your page gives people an easy way to do things like sign up for your giveaway or newsletter, buy something, and so forth.

Explore all of the types of call-to-action buttons to see which is the best fit for your business. Use the Description area to tell people what your page is about. The more information you give potential new followers, the more likely they are to stick around. Click on the Add a Short Description prompt and write one to two sentences , including keyword phrases where appropriate, to succinctly describe the focus of your page or business.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Becoming A Badass Digital Marketing Freelancer

Need to master a social platform? Discover how to improve your social media marketing at Social Media Marketing World , brought to you by your friends at Social Media Examiner.

Get in early for big discounts. Sale ends Tuesday, October 8th, To create a closer tie to your business and to make it easier for people to find you or tag you on Facebook, you can customize the latter portion of your Facebook URL with a unique username. In general, you want to keep your username as short as possible. Want to save a few steps to navigate to your page?

Enable Shortcuts to pin your Facebook page to the shortcuts section of your profile for quick and easy access your page. Open Visitor Posts and choose to allow people to publish posts, photos, and videos to your page. Allowing people and other businesses to tag your page and share it with others is a great way to expand your reach to other audiences.

To take advantage of this, tick the Others Tagging this Page box. If you have a business in the alcohol and tobacco industries or other age-sensitive products, it might be a good idea to restrict certain ages from seeing your page. The Age Restrictions setting has six options for you to consider. The Page Moderation setting is important if profanity filters make sense for your business.

What is social listening?

You can use this setting to block comments that feature specific words you choose. Want to show up when someone is searching for a certain topic or page on Facebook? Tick the Similar Page Suggestions box to allow Facebook to suggest your page as a result in relevant searches. If you have a global or multi-lingual audience, you can tick the Post in Multiple Languages box and your posts will be shown to your fans and followers in their language. Do you have a preference for the order in which comments are viewed by fans and followers? The Comment Ranking setting lets you choose whether to show the most recent comments first or the most relevant comments based on engagement first.

But these vary and change. So get the most up-to-date guidelines here. Now, where it gets fun is when you actually start filling those fields in and watching the auto-preview change. I challenge any copy geek to find this part boring. The instant gratification is so… instant.

And gratifying. So what I like to do is just use a Facebook-provided stock photo as a placeholder. Kim Garst , AdEspresso and others recommend stating a benefit in your ad copy. To find the benefit of an offer — the core of an ad — copywriters commonly answer this question:.

So test away. A 5-foot benefit: Connect with an expert. A 5-mile benefit: Profit from real estate. So be sure to use the ad preview when writing. One of the most important principles to keep in mind when writing your Facebook ad body copy is this: give your body copy a single goal, and stick to it. I spoke about the One Job Principle here , and I later wrote about it here.

Everything about the success of your body copy hinges on a single thing: your hook. Because the goal of the hook is this: make me care. Should you happen to know I already care about, say, who you are, your name can also act as a hook:. Which means your hook has to haul ass toward the CTA. Which may only make sense to me.

Sell the click honestly. Then do the heavy lifting on the landing page. But if you want them to convert on the ad, it can help to go longer.

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I use the 4 Ps formula to tell a bit of a story. I was working with a client selling photography packages on a discount. Short copy sold them okay, but it was far too focused on the offer, not the benefit. When I introduced a story that tapped into nostalgia, that skyrocketed the ad.

Gavin Helm-Smith has seen newsfeed ads outperform right-column ads by as much as 9x. But when it does appear — like in a news feed instead of the right column — it plays on the headline. So all the same rules about hooks are at play here, too. Facebook wants you to tell them how on the landing page itself.

Use them for your next Facebook ad campaign. Thank you greatly for taking the time to write this post. As someone who tinkers in the blogging realm, I appreciate your time and effort to make this information available! It said at the start to test 10 — 15 images on the ad to find the highest performers before editing the copy. And then it says at the end to use the same image on your ads as you do on the landing page.

How do you choose which to start with, or do you create a tonne of landing pages as well? I have digital marketing institute and we give classroom training. We are using Facebook lead ads and struggling with adcopy. Your article helps alot. Seems obvious — images on FB perform far better than copy — until I realized I had never devoted an ounce of thought to picking better images!

Very informative article, thank you so much! I felt like I went through an intense crash course. Really appreciate you sharing all these gems. Thank you. On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. Thank you for such a great article on things to consider when creating a facebook ads campaign. For me, I think a better return on my investment would be to eliminate some of the levels in my funnel.

For example, if my ad sent people straight from Facebook to the affiliate sales page, my return on investment may have been higher. I have only tried their ads once however you have provided me with really good information that should yield me great results for my next ad campaign. I never thought about using the same copy across multiple images to test before you roll it out bigger. Incredibly awesome advice with the statistic about image relevance.

Oh wow, Joanna. Thanks a lot for this article. Hi Joanna, great article. You mentioned that the image is most important in FB Ads. Should the images you choose always have this element? Joanna, thanks for this. What a comprehensive guide and mandatory reading for Facebook advertising. The checklist is excellent.

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You should check out Upwork — there are potential clients on there looking for help with ads all the time. It will cost you a few dollars but will make you more likely to be successful. Thanks Jo, for this article. Now my fb ads can go from rubbish to mediocre and eventually great. This checklist will come in handy. And to think I thought I was doing a good job with my ads, what a waste of money. Off to practice and practice and practice.

We will improve. What I have learned is that there is another funnel in the mix, and that is the middle of the funnel ad MOFU. A top of the funnel TOFU ad is supposed to be the awareness stage — introduce to the world who you really are, share your expertise on blog posts or social media updates. The goal of this funnel is to attract visitors to read your blog, visit a website or build your retargeting list.

An MOFU ad is where you turn a Facebook user into a lead, and this is done by retargeting with a relevant ad to people who are already in your retargeting list the cost of ad is much cheaper. This guide is EPIC. Thanks a lot Joanna. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful.

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