Manual Father Hunger: Why God Calls Men to Love and Lead Their Families

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Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jul 17, Peter Jones rated it it was amazing. I have read most of Pastor Wilson's books. All them are challenging in various ways. However, this book convicted me in ways his other books have not.

I am not exactly sure the reason. I think it has to do with my oldest son turning thirteen. As my sons have gotten older, my own sins have become more apparent. This book did not just cut up some false views I had in my head. It cut up portions of my life that needed badly to be dealt with. Strange as it may sound this book led me to make a list o I have read most of Pastor Wilson's books. Strange as it may sound this book led me to make a list of particular attitudes towards my family that I needed to repent of.

It is also led me to pray more. Here are three specific things that stick out: 1. A good father is a grateful father because he believes that God is sovereign over all things, including the annoying, irritating, ugly, things. A good father longs for the responsibility that comes with children, a house, a wife, etc.

He embraces the role because he knows this is what God made him for, this is how God is going to sanctify him, and God has given him this role to serve those around him. Those fathers who cling to God are able to do what God has called them to do. One the easiest excuses for a father to make is that he is not able to affect change in his household. He believes he is impotent to do the job.

Father Hunger: Why God Calls Men to Love and Lead Their Families

Pastor Wilson's last chapter deals with this. He reminds us that if God calls us to be fathers then he will give us grace to accomplish the task.

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I have already leaned on this truth numerous times over the last several weeks. Several reviews have noted that this book was not what they expected. I agree. It was different. But still very good. Read Again in Just as good as the first time. Jul 19, Valerie Kyriosity rated it really liked it. Excellent diagnosis of one of our societal plagues. Just a couple of nits to pick: 1 In the "Church Fathers, Ha" chapter, Pastor Wilson shows the need in the church for leadership by men who are proven fathers.

He draws attention specifically to the need for decisive courage in regard to exercising church discipline. All well and good, but I'd have liked to see him make a wider application of fatherhood principles to shepherding. Clearly pastors and elders who major on disciplinarianism to the Excellent diagnosis of one of our societal plagues. Clearly pastors and elders who major on disciplinarianism to the exclusion of more positive aspects of leadership are going to be about as effective as fathers who do.

This book clearly and gloriously calls fathers not to make that error, so it was disappointing that discipline was the only aspect of church fatherhood that Pastor Wilson expounded on. I think I'm s'posed to mention somewhere that I read an advance reader copy. Somebody posted a link, and who am I to pass up a free book? May 20, G. Burrow rated it it was amazing Shelves: theology , favorites , christian-life.

This book is hope for the fatherless. I know Doug Wilson, I know his children, and I know his passel of grandchildren, and they are all hearty, jolly, God-loving proof that he knows his stuff when it comes to teaching men how to love and lead their families. If you're a dad, have a dad, want a good dad for your children--that's everyone--then read this book. Oct 02, Ivan rated it really liked it Shelves: christian-life-and-sanctification , marriage-and-family.

An incredible book, not least than for quotes like these: "Left to their own devices, the sexual rhythms of untamed males are the rhythms of a biker gang or boat full of pirates. Civilization depends on getting men to submit their sexual 'Freebird' ethic to a far more stable feminine sexuality.

Stable civil order depends upon getting a bit and bridle onto male sexuality. Death is the ultimate detox center. It purifies everything. So, in order to be a clean ambition, it must be a resurrected ambition…. When God delays our ambitions, it is not because He is saying no, but because those delays help shape who we are becoming. They are built for conflict. They were created to overcome the dragon.

They are built for work. But that is all right because it is not good for man to be alone. A single man involved in frontier missions, who does not struggle with sexual temptation, has the gift of celibacy. A man which two Xboxes and a trophy from the regional Halo tournament does not. Almost all men need to marry before they are entirely responsible adults.

A suitor should be a desirable candidate for future responsibility, but he needs a woman to get there. In this world, a woman is God's chief instrument for making a man responsible. He uses her to get him there. Just as the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, so also is the love of a good woman the beginning of male responsibility. Humanly speaking, you cannot get much masculinity without femininity.

When he scrapes his knee, his father should hold him for a minute, then teach him to 'blow it out. When he is petulant because his mother won't let him have a bag of chips half an hour before dinner, his father should joke with him about it and make sure he cheers right up. In all this, the father is doing something very important, which is keeping his son out of the penitentiary Prov. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.

A first-rate woman needs to be a first-rate woman to a first-rate man. Aug 02, Jacob Rush rated it it was amazing. Fatherlessness is the breeding ground for atheism. He also does a great job at pinpointing the correlations between squishy evangelicalism and family decline, and prevalent cultural sins homosexuality, pornography with deteriorating u Fatherlessness is the breeding ground for atheism. He also does a great job at pinpointing the correlations between squishy evangelicalism and family decline, and prevalent cultural sins homosexuality, pornography with deteriorating understandings of Fatherhood.

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  4. Convicting and challenges one to consider their own father whether good or bad , their own sin tendencies, and its relationship to their conception of God the Father. Aug 31, Joostnixon rated it really liked it. This is right in Wilson's sweet spot, and it will richly rewarding. Even if you want to throw things at the wall and I didn't it will still challenge you and enlarge your view of fatherhood. On the downside, sometimes Wilson whips out his concordance and goes at it hammer and tongs, with little comment.

    I'm in favor of more comments. And on another downside, for you audio book people, I didn't really like the reader. It was clear, especially when pronouncing Greek, that the fellow didn't know h This is right in Wilson's sweet spot, and it will richly rewarding. It was clear, especially when pronouncing Greek, that the fellow didn't know his stuff. So it was distracting.

    Father Hunger Quotes by Douglas Wilson

    Jun 13, Steven Wedgeworth rated it it was amazing. This is a very helpful book with plenty of man-talk. Wilson's not afraid to get down to business. I'm not fully convinced, as Wilson argues, that Biblical masculinity necessarily leads to the modern notion of "free markets. But the rest of the book seems a slam dunk. There are some very funny moments here, along with some convicting admonitions, and lots of strong one-liners. View 1 comment. Mar 28, Jared Lovell rated it it was amazing. One of the more comprehensive works on the subject. Wilson provides a proper theology of fatherhood and then shows the importance of fatherhood in dealing with education, freedom, atheism, poverty, crime, feminism, sexuality as well as other subjects.

    There are many challenging lessons to be learned in this book and is worth being read and re-read. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and benefited greatly from it. Highly recommend! Mar 14, D. Ryan rated it it was amazing Shelves: theology-philosophy , science-society-self-help. The book advocates that a man must pick up his responsibility for the family and, in doing so, becomes a pillar within society. Fathers are important and create a molecular backbone to society. When men are responsible, sober, hard-working, self-restrained members of local communities, this creates pockets of personal responsibility the state does not control.

    Men are portrayed as TV watchers with back-talking kids with video game controllers in hand, getting sex only if they are lucky. The current media campaign against the family, primarily the father, is one of the strongest themes in the book. There are golden nuggets in the book that are challenging. Wilson writes about fathers who are prideful and demean their children. The problem is rooted in his own pride. Examples like this are common experiences most fathers have felt. This is one of the most profound and positive ideas addressing family problems.

    Men need motivation, encouragement, integrity, and consistency. They need positive influence from their wife, support from other men, and a grounded heart that lovingly desires to lead their children as part of their journey through fatherhood. This book will provide powerful examples, encouragement, and general guidelines for building a relationship with your son. It even helps us to understand what we could have experienced presently.

    When we rewrite our history then we can eventually get a grip on the specific results of the absence of a father in our lives. To process anger is an important facet of the grieving process. To a large extent, making peace with our father is a matter of working our way through the grieving process Stoop, Stoop points out the following important aspects of the grieving process:. There are no rigid rules about how long this waiting period must be. One sensible principle is that we must at least wait till our strong impulses and need to act have subsided.

    A further general rule is the fact that the earlier the emotional wounding occurred, the longer the recovering period will be needed. After all the pain of the past there is often a natural urge for revenge. It is important to allow God to let justice be done on our behalf and not take it into our own hands - our part is just to forgive. How do we know if we are ready to take this step?

    It is only after we have completed the step of forgiveness, that we are ready for the step of confrontation: to go to our father and tell him what we have discovered about our own life and also about his role in it. If we would change around the order, namely to first confront before we have forgiven, we will unavoidably have expectations which will make us vulnerable for disappointment and further pain. The important point is further to invite our father, as well as other family members, to join us in our journey to healing and recovery.

    Facilitation is usually necessary. After we had acknowledged the pain and anger and dealt with this and removed it out of the way, we will find that we most probably have moved passed other family members, including our father, in our emotional growth.

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    In this case God is mercifully using me to terminate the cycle of intergeneration sin and pain that could have played a big role in our family. We then become the trend setters - the changes that could take place in us, through grace, then become the basis on which our whole family can build. A very interesting thing often takes place interior of persons as soon as they have reached the point where they can sort out their father issues: it is as if they suddenly finally feel like adults.

    Thus, by dealing with our father issues, we liberate ourselves to speed up our emotional growth process. We look at all the pain and wonder what purpose did it actually serve? It all seems to be so useless. In reality nothing can be further from the truth — God can eventually let new sense and meaning flow out of everything that happens to us.

    Every experience, positive or negative, eventually attains its final meaning from the. Ask God to show you in which way He wants to recreate the pain of your past and use it to enhance the healing of others. It does not matter which type of earthly father you have had or not have had, your Heavenly Father has sent His Son to enable you to eventually have the Father you have always wanted. And on the cross of Golgotha the father of lies, the false father, was at last overcome and the way was paved for each broken son and daughter back to the house of the Heavenly Father.


    Numerous people became wounded through their relationship with their earthly fathers, or due to the absence of a father. The result hereof is that many of these individuals struggling with a distorted father image, also have a negative godly image. What will actually be the correct and real image of our Heavenly Father?

    Book Review: Father Hunger by Douglas Wilson

    These broken 'father filters' are the result of all the negative experiences with our own fathers. When all the emotional pain has healed and our father image repaired, then we can look at the Heavenly Father as Jesus came to reveal Him to us. God the Father is himself the source of understanding with reference to what fatherhood is really about, and in Jesus Christ we found an embodiment of it. With eyes full of tears, he told Ed that his own father had never told him that he loved him. The result of this was that this man, in the educational process of his own children, had never told them that he loved them.

    Ed said that he had then prayed with this man and he could just experience how the love and blessings of a Heavenly Father descended onto this elderly man. His tears turned into sobs as God's love filled his heart. At last he looked up and said:. And he also did that — he told her all the things that he had so desired his own father would have told him. And it eventually led to his relationship with this daughter being transformed for ever. And then Ed accentuates it when he says: It is never too late for God!

    If I as a father do not have a meeting with God the Father on a regular basis, then I eventually transfer all my painful baggage to my children and grandchildren. It may be true, but that does not help at all to bring healing for the wounds of a son who is still waiting for the blessing of his father. B efore Ed could say a word further, his stepfather hit him in his stomach and. This was a humiliating and traumatic experience for Ed that stayed with him. Without thinking, Ed said, he grabbed this boy and threw him onto his bed and. He said that while he was walking out of that boy's room that day, he shivered because of the violence that suddenly exploded in his hands and in his words.

    This was the son he loved with his whole being, and still his tone of voice at that moment was cruel and murderous. Numerous fathers can testify of similar incidents — in the heat of a moment you sometimes see how the worst of your father streams through you involuntary in words or deeds towards those whom you actually love so dearly. If we ourselves are thus deeply wounded, it is very difficult to be healthy enough to give direction in a loving way without wounding the hearts of our children, or to push them away.

    Ed says that we then become dream killers in the process, in the same way that our. Is there perhaps a wonderful dream or hope that had died inside you in the same way somewhere in the past due to painful performances by your father? Are there possibly similar dreams that are dying inside our own children at present? Ed says that he was only able to really bless his family when he was willing to allow the revelation of the Father's love to pierce through every part of his broken soul. I was only able to bless my family when the Father I always wanted changed my story — He increased my capacity to love others the way He loved me McGlasson, Ed tells about an email he received sometime from a year-old woman who told him that a friend had given her his book, The difference a father makes , as a gift.

    She says in the email that she could only read two or three sentences at a time and then was so emotionally overwhelmed every time that she could not read further. She also tells about one relationship after the other that has fallen apart in her life and through which the initial abandonment by her father just increased every time. She says the previous evening she had sat in her car for four hours crying and writing farewell letters to her family and friends. In the end she could not think of a suicide method that would be the least painful.

    She tells further that she had seen Ed's daily devotion on her cell phone the next morning while still in her car, and that had prevented her in the end to take her own life. And then she added:. God the Father knows our pain, our losses and our disappointments and He desires to heal our brokenness.

    The next step is to bring your pain and wounding to Him and to admit that we are still carrying wounds and scars with us related to our own father or other father figures in our lives. This can lead to one of the most redeeming moments of your life when you open yourself up totally for the experience of God the Father's love.

    The father of lies will in the meantime do anything to still keep you imprisoned in the prison your earthly father had built for you. God however, made a way for each wounded child to start over again. This all begins with a life-changing encounter with a new Father who says:.

    Bradshaw, J. Family secrets. New York, NY. Buske, T. The affect of father wounds, fatherlessness, and the value of. Canfield, K. Spiritual and emotional fathering: Gateways for growth. Chiles, N. What happens to boys when their fathers are missing? Ebony ,. Diamond, M. My father before me: How fathers and sons influence each. Eldredge, J. Wild at heart. Nashville, TN. Freud, S. New introductory lectures on psycho-analysis. Levant R. The new psychology of men. Professional Psychology:. Research and Practice , — McGlasson, E. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker.

    Miller, E. Why the father wound matters: Consequences for male mental.