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Built nearly years ago, the over-the-top Palais Garnier has become part of the identity of Paris.

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By Joshua Barone. Its final steps lead to a postcard-ready view of the sensational Palais Garnier, the love-it-or-hate-it theater with a Baroque, Renaissance and all-around garish pastiche that overwhelms and enchants at every turn. It was designed by Charles Garnier — you can find a gaudy monument to him outside — and built between and But the Garnier has always been so much more than just an opera house. In the nearly years since the Garnier opened, the building has been updated repeatedly, including electric lighting being installed in the s.

The theater is ornately grand, yet relatively intimate, with a seating capacity of less than 2, — roughly half that of the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

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A warning: those who prefer not to peek behind the curtain should turn down the volume for about the next ten minutes. Correspondents in the field, even when reporting from the middle of the rain forest, are equally cogent and coherent, and hosts move naturally, effortlessly and spontaneously between stories. That soothing and reliable sound has made the NPR product distinctive from other radio and news media.

Next, the rule of law in Russia.

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Of course, I want to make it clear that I have found the NPR News on-air staff, present company excluded, is indeed smooth and eloquent, and normally ask the right question. New York Times media reporter, David Carr. I sat at the digital editing console with a producer, listening to an interview with a source I had recorded earlier.

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With just strokes of the keyboard, he cleaned up and tightened the sound bites I was going to use, taking out sentences, words and even some of the pauses, making what are called internal edits. Then the various thoughts were woven together technically in a way that would be totally hidden to the listener. In fact, the public is far less aware of editing on radio than on television or in print.

For example, to eliminate words, a TV producer has to use more visible means, such as a cutaway shot or jump cut. Newspaper reporters, by form, must put a break between nonconsecutive quotations, among other constraints. Usually they are pre-taped and quickly edited down. It helps make us sound far more articulate than we actually are. That is a very serious charge really, against the media. How true is it? Are the media really bloodthirsty?

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That distance could be why I picked one of his mistakes to highlight the editing process. Nothing is so identified with NPR News as its signature field pieces, and nothing is more of a cut and paste production collage.

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  4. MAN: The coach — oh, sorry. As a listener, I had thought that the narration in field pieces was recorded by the reporter at the location.

    Okay, now that the curtain has been pulled back a bit, the natural question is, so what.