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After a good run of playoff appearances in the s by the Minnesota Twins, we've had a bit of a drought. So, how often do the Twins play October baseball? He brought humanity in his characters who are desperate to be alive and afraid by the frightening blood-thirsty creatures who came at them without mercy. I am not recommending it to people who wanted some light reading or anticipate a great wolf romance out of it.

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It does contain a close husband and wife loving relationship but its definitely not a twilight romance. But I would recommend the book to adult readers who love the direwolves in the Games of Thrones and Princess Mononoke.

Wolves are not a pet nor are they a cuddly thing. Its a serious violent and quite male-centric novel that are not for the soft hearted ones. But honestly to me, the gore is quite mild milder than Saw or Final Destination or Spartacus or The Walking Dead but the artwork is fantastic.

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I read a lot because I'm an insomniac. I am a biomedical science graduate. I write fiction that people rarely read. Just in time for Halloween, the trade paperback will collect all three issues, and will include concept art and other behind the scenes material, according to a post from Curnow on the IDW forums.

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Order online: Amazon , Book Depository. Tags: bobby curnow , dave wachter , Horror , IDW , watercolor , werewolves , wolf , wolves. Andy Zeigert is an infographics artist for a regional American newspaper and a freelance comics opinionator.

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About The Author. Andy Zeigert Andy Zeigert is an infographics artist for a regional American newspaper and a freelance comics opinionator. Related Posts.