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Hua Hin has not been a stranger to property problems either but they have never received national exposure to what Phuket and Samui has had before.

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The only highlight that Hua Hin has had over the last 5 years has been developers who have not completed their projects leaving foreigners with lost investments. There is the alleged illegal land occupation on the island and they are investigating how certain title deeds got issued on the island.

The investigation is the issuing of title deeds for property where building has been prohibited.

Safety & Scams in Thailand

This involved more than rai of land in the Patong area of Phuket. One surveyor is also believed to have been given plots of land as a reward from the former deputy governor. By law the forest need to be maintained however in the above case it was alleged that the forests had been damaged so as to justify the building on the land and to show previous occupation. This was done by planting rubber trees in between the native trees. In tourist saturated areas and outside large hotels there are usually a group of taxis or tuk tuks conveniently parked, they may even claim to be dedicated to that hotel.

The drivers demand extremely high fares and never switch on meters. A scamming owner will first demand a huge amount for repairs but will settle for less if challenged, beware unless an amount is settled on fast owners can get aggressive! The Best way to avoid these is to rent from a agent recommended by fellow travellers. In reality there is rarely a queue for visa applications whichever border you go to. Expensive or cheap, most mini buses will try this.

Where are you going?

These scammers found around the outside of the palace will be feeding the pigeons innocently enough, eventually once approached you will be offered some corn so you can join in. Local kid usually near popular beach spots will challenge you to a game like noughts and crosses or rock paper scissors, once accepted they will offer a wager. Airport Shopping Scam After leaving a shop the victim is falsely accused of shoplifting, then held by people claiming to be authorities until they pay a fine for the alleged theft.

However, there are some infamous tourist targeted scams around temples, transport, nightlife as well as petty crime to watch out for.

Note: vast majority of trips are trouble free and there is no need to be paranoid. That said, it always pays to be aware, careful, and prepared. How it works: Version 1: charging an exorbitant flat fare instead of using the meter. Note: taxis in Chiang Mai are un-metered. Version 2: offering a low rate only to…. Version 1: these VIP buses turn out be cramped minivans….

How it works: Version 1: claiming that today is the Thai Tourism Day where the government is sponsoring free gas. Hence, he can offer a cheap tour and bring you…. How it works: Opening: you are usually brought to a gem shop as a result of the tuk-tuk scam. How it works: Opening: you are usually brought to a tailor shop as a result of the tuk-tuk scam in short, you are told by a tout that an attraction…. How it works: Version 1: tout claims that the Grand Palace is closed for a Buddhist ceremony and suggests an alternative place e.

Happy Buddha, Export Centre which only opens….

How to Avoid These Typical Tourist Scams on Your Trip to Thailand

How it works: Opening: at red light districts, you will be hassled by touts to watch a ping pong show a form of sex show. They claim that there is….

“The Grand Palace is closed”

How it works: Opening: a stranger asks where you are from and claims to have a relative going there e. He invites you to his house for a…. How it works: At temples, touts will latch on to you to provide an unsolicited tour, seemingly for free.

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