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Kathie Poirier The Rancher's Wife. Sherrilyn Polf Winter's End. Chelsea M. Portra The Lone Ranger. Bob Prinselaar Flying Lesson. With each new test they gave us more information, preparing us for what we are eventually going to be dealing with. We have since then seen every specialist I have ever heard of. His genetic testing came back with no answers.

We are 4 full months into knowing the word neurofibromatosis. We have more testing coming. We are being referred to Washington University for more testing and to see NF specialists. Somedays are easier than other days. Desmond smiles and jokes through it all. About Me I was diagnosed with NF1 at 6 weeks old. The way NF impacts my life is that I see things differently. The way that NF impacts my plans in the future is I know I'm going to be challenged all the time, but I have friends and family that say to never give up.

I stay motivated through my art and poetry. I encourage others by keeping a smile on my face. NF has made me stronger by allowing me to share my story through poetry and art. When Dylan was 18 months old, our pediatrician sent us to a neurologist due to his developmental delays. The neurologist said she suspected neurofibromatosis because of his cafe au lait birth marks and ordered an MRI, which came back clean.

She asked us to come back when he was years old for a follow up appointment. We made another appointment with the neurologist at 3 and a half years old and she ordered an MRI. The MRI showed a brain tumor and hydrocephalus. They admitted Dylan immediately for brain surgery to place a shunt. Doctors determined the brain tumor was inoperable since it was in the cerebellum.

Dylan has a brain tumor, shunt, and had a tumor removed from his neck where doctors cut a nerve. He also has a plexiform tumor on the back of his head. He had a full time aide all the way through school to support him academically. Currently he attends college in the inclusive services program, majoring in criminal justice. He has requested no support from professors and other students that support inclusive education students. His grades are Bs and Cs.

He lives in an apartment with his sister who is also a student at the same school and works at a cafeteria at the University. Since he can't drive he rides the bus to and from college and work. Dylan is the strongest person I know! There have been several ups and downs with Dylan's health since his diagnosis.

Some years, there was just an annual exam and MRI. Other years, I felt my heart was being torn from my chest as Dylan endured placement of a shunt for fluid drainage from his brain to his abdomen, double hernia surgery, port placement surgery for chemotherapy, eighteen months of chemotherapy during kindergarten and first grade, removal of a neck tumor, port removal, and shunt revision. Dylan graduated from high school in and has applied for more jobs than anyone I know with no success.

He has been successful with grades and also has a job in a university cafeteria. He has never given up and continues to stay motivated as an encourager and advocate for himself, as well as others. Currently, he is advocating for students with disabilities at UCCS to be able to walk at graduation with other students. Dylan enjoys going to church and spending time with family. He loves Legos and going to the Lego store is a treat. He also works twelve hours a week at a university cafeteria. He hopes to get a job in criminal justice after he graduates.

When Dylan was eighteen months old, we found out he had NF. He was failing to thrive and developed strabismus at age 4. Even after three surgeries in each eye, he lost the ability to see out of his right eye while the left one is open. He also lost all the useful hearing on the right by age eight and is now completely deaf on that side. These are nerve-related losses that have no treatment Dylan also has a chest wall deformity and a tumor in his right leg. In addition he has multiple nodules in his digestive system and had a feeding tube to help with nutrition.

Despite these obstacles, he continues to amaze us with his extraordinary approach to seemingly ordinary tasks. Dylan loves to make people laugh and is drawn to others who are "different. He is a strong member of the community and constantly gives back to others. He also knows the importance of promoting good mental health. Dylan actively participates in therapy and is currently researching and experimenting with natural options for treatment of ADHD, depression and anxiety, not only for himself but also for others who may be seeking healthier alternatives.

Although Dylan hopes for a cure for neurofibromatosis, he knows firsthand that having great care and better treatment options made available through research, makes life more bearable for those living with NF. Although Dylan realizes that living with NF impacts some career choices that he had, he is adapting and using the gifts he still has.

That combined with his growing skills and interests, he hopes to continue to be successful in computer building and repair. Because he has NF, he has also met a lot of friends and developed a great support system through the Children's Tumor Foundation and its supporters. This has given him the courage and hope to live the best life that he possibly can. Dylan loves music, playing the guitar, video games, swimming and hanging out with friends. He is an electronic "geek" who loves to take apart, rewire and repair, just about anything.

People being happy, makes Dylan happy. He is a proud supporter of minority views and hopes to be a great influence in discouraging intolerance. Eli was diagnosed with an eye condition called PHPV as an infant, which resulted in a detached retina at 12 months of age. Later, at age 5, he was diagnosed with NF2. His pediatrician may not have caught this diagnosis, but I had a gut concern and took him to her dermatologist for another opinion.

After a skin biopsy and genetic testing, the NF2 diagnosis was confirmed. Eli is an amazingly strong kid who refuses to let anything slow him down; his strength and passion for life is an inspiration to many. Despite being blind in his left eye, having tumors on his spine, and bilateral tumors on his acoustic nerves, Eli is currently unstoppable. He is a black belt in Taekwondo, loves soccer and basketball, and rollerblading and swimming.

He is fast, fearless and all boy!

What Does It Mean To Raise A Spiritual Child? | Here & Now

He is compassionate, caring, and a friend to all. We honestly couldn't be prouder or ask for a better son, little brother, or friend. He is truly amazing and an inspiration! About Me When I was one year old, my parents noticed I had many cafe au lait spots. They took me to a doctor who said that it was possible that I had NF, but wouldn't be sure until I was older.

When I was 6 years old, we discovered nodules in my eyes. Then we were certain I had NF1. I plan to join the IDF because all citizens in Israel are required to serve. I found ctf. I am hoping to start a fundraiser in Israel since there aren't any hopefully with the help of my youth movement. I want people to be aware of what NF is and even that I, someone who shows no clear, outward signs of it, has NF and wants to find a cure.

I am a counselor in the Israeli scouts. I love running and surfing. I feel that music is a great way to express myself so I love playing the guitar, ukulele and singing. I have a dog named Luna and my family always takes her in hikes. I want to be a vet; I have a strong connection with animals and feel as though I can understand them.

Motto You are stronger than you seem, braver than you believe, and smarter than you think you are. When my daughter was 2 years old, she started to develop cafe au lait spots. We are on our third protocol of chemotherapy for an optic gluons, so it's tough at times but my daughter is an inspiration to us all. My husband ran a marathon to raise awareness and I have gone to several NF gatherings. Through events like these we were able to make lovely friends near and far because of it.

Ellie loves pugs and going out with her friends. Living with NF is not easy. He sees many doctors, which take him out of school, and deals with ADHD. Right now we are focusing on the present and taking one day at a time! Gabe loves anything with a motor and loves to help the janitors at school. If it involves cleaning or tools--he's there. He participates in Boy Scouts and loves wrestling. We also recently discovered he is a rollercoaster junkie!

We participate in as many NF-related activities as we can. Having NF has made us stronger thru the friendships we have made with people all across the country. Together we can face anything. About Me Five years ago Gianna began developing small lumps on her back and wrist. After countless visits she was diagnosed with NF1. She now has over 80 tumors in her body as well as mild scoliosis due to the tumors towing along her spine and back. It has been a challenging few years. Today Gianna is six years old and has just completed Kindergarten. She is a very smart girl who loves her school.

Her favorite subjects are Math and Science. In April Gianna endured yet another surgery to remove a tumor that is wrapped around her carotid artery and was slowly causing paresis of the vocal chords. She is an inspiration and displays bravery in situations that many adults could not withstand. Gianna continues to show us just how strong she is. As she gets older she is beginning to learn more about NF. Often times she has questions about her future and why she is the only one in the family with this disorder.

As hard as this question is to answer, I know that it is one that has to be explained.

Adriana W.

Our family is believers in Christ and we have explained that God gives his toughest battles to his strongest little soldiers. About Me NF has affected Gunnar in so many ways. He has learning disabilities, speech delay, scoliosis, high blood pressure, a tumor in his back, optic nerve glioma and a malignant brainstem glioma. He is currently getting chemo to hopefully preserve his vision and shrink the other tumors.

Chemo has caused him to lose weight and have major mood changes. But we take it day by day. But having NF has not stopped Gunnar at all. Even through all the chemo and doctor appointments, he is almost always smiling and happy. He is so incredibly loving and affectionate. Gunnar is a happy, loving, carefree fighter. Gunnar is in kindergarten. His favorite class is gym. He loves going to school when he is able to. He likes playing video games, with cars and trucks. He likes playing outside. He's very loving, affectionate, polite and helpful. I was diagnosed with NF1 at 9 months old.

My parents truly had no idea what neurofibromatosis was at the time because it was fairly new. I had a bump on my forehead that was quite noticeable, and they were afraid that it was a brain tumor. Thankfully it wasn't, but it was one of the scariest times because they were afraid of losing me.

I am 22 years old now and just recently graduated from community college. Living with NF1 has never been easy for me. I struggle with self-esteem, self-confidence, and anxiety due to my NF, but I fight through it daily. I am planning on adopting instead of having my own kids because I don't want my own kids having NF and going through it much worse. It's always been something I've been passionate about and I want to raise children with chance at life. I am going to school to become a teacher because I adore being around kids and teaching them.

I want to shine a light in their lives and be the person they look up to. I want to inspire kids to be who they want to be. I want to encourage kids to take a leap of faith and do anything to their hearts desire. I want to get them excited about learning and being able to see their eyes light up when they learn something, makes my heart so happy.

I have loved Disney since I was 3 years old. It is my happy place. I did the Disney college program back in and it was an absolute dream come true. I also love reading books and writing stories and have ever since I was very young. I would write stories and read countless of books because I love the way that I get lost inside the world that books and writing create for me. I love Jesus with all of my heart and I strive to live for him every day. Even though I struggle with many things due to NF1, including a learning disability, I know that I am a fighter.

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I fight through the pain daily, have gone through countless surgeries because the pain has been bad. My condition is a very mild case of NF, so I find myself very blessed to not have worse issues. I used to be so scared to tell people that I have NF, due to worrying about what others thought of me. I used to feel so lonely and afraid, thinking I was the only one who was suffering. I have connected with so many people who also have NF, having a group of people who knows what it's like feels amazing. My family and my boyfriend have my back too.

Superpower To shapeshift into a dolphin because they are my favorite animal. I am a happy little girl. I am in 1st grade and very smart. I want to play sports and do fun activities but my mom is afraid my leg may bother me or give me trouble. I want to go to college someday. My mommy says I can be whatever I want to be. I also like going to school, making good grades and playing with my friends. My mommy has NF too. She is the first in our family and has had chemo for an optic tumor. She is so strong and I want to be like her. She has worked every day while having chemo treatments.

Despite this, she has taken care of my Daddy and me with a smile. No matter how she feels, she puts others before her. My mommy has taught me I am beautiful and special just like everyone else. She is my hero and I am hers. We stay strong for each other. NF affects my life in many ways, including always needing MRIs and constantly having surgery. However I learned that I might have this disability, but I'm still an amazing person who wants to show the world that I can still do what I want to.

I've always planned on going into the criminal law field since I was a young kid, but due to my NF, I have epilepsy and of course the tumors, but I'm trying my best to fight through all that and complete my third year in college for criminal law to get my degree and become a police officer. I stay motivated in many ways, mainly due to my family, friends and my boyfriend. They keep my spirits up especially when I feel down and I wouldn't trade them for anything in this world. I try to encourage others by telling people that just because we do things differently or look a different way than they do, we can still do everything they can.

NF has made me stronger; if I can take on that then I can take on pretty much anything in the world. Motto Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You. Isabelle, or Bella, was diagnosed with NF1 when she was 4 months old. Right now, Isabelle has tumors on her right optic nerve, brain stem, right cerebellum, cervical spine, medulla, one on the cervical spinal cord, and a few spots in the brain that I can never remember the name for.

They monitor her tumors with regular MRI scans. We finally graduated to yearly MRIs after 23 in her lifetime. On December 28, , Isabelle had a plexiform neurofibroma pnf on the back of her head removed a different type of tumor , that was growing aggressively. These tumors pop up out of nowhere and scare us, but we are just trying to take it one day at a time and enjoy are precious gifts, our children, every day. As the disorder is progressive and unpredictable, we just don't know from day to day, and year to year, what Isabelle will be faced with in the future.

Isabelle is vibrant and full of life, and is really developing into a wonderful child. About Me After being told Izzy would be dead by the time she was 3, we became active in education and fundraising. Luckily, the neurologist was wrong and 14 months of chemo, hundreds of pokies, and almost 40 MRIs later, Izzy is thriving and loving life. We live in constant cycle of appointments to monitor her condition while attempting to live life to the fullest. Izzy is a 5th grader at Mattawan Later Elementary and thrilled to be chosen as a school safety.

She love acting with a local theater company and is a Junior in Girl Scouts. My name is Jai and I am a NF fighter and survivor. I was born in India to very poor parents who abandoned me when I was 9 months old. They could not properly care for me because of my medical issues, my living conditions, or their educational knowledge. I think for their best interest they wanted to do right by giving me the best chance at life, and that's why they placed me in front of an orphanage hoping I would find a family that could love me and properly take care of me.

I lived in the orphanage until the time I was 7 years old.

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I was adopted by a wonderful couple in America; they were my saving grace. They adopted 17 children all with special needs from different nationalities and backgrounds. I was treated at the hospital from the time I was 7 until I was 22 years old. I have had numerous surgeries throughout my life; I've had back surgery, tumors removed from my knees, hips, legs, neck, and eyes, amputations of my legs, treatment for blood transfusions, plasma replacement, treatment for infections, and many others I can't remember.

I have many medical conditions such as scoliosis, hemophilia, hepatitis B, thalassemia, chronic pain, arthritis, bone deformity, I have a huge plexiform tumor on the right side of my body that's inoperable. I am a double amputee and wheelchair bound. I have learning difficulty, vision loss, hearing loss, and speech impairment. I am facing more invasive surgeries on my neck and back. I live independently on my own with my two cats Maddie and Dezi they give me peace, love, healing, comfort, and joy.

I love to cook, read, listen to music, crochet, draw, write, making jewelry and other crafts. I love animals and children. I love being in nature and going on adventures. I love learning and studying about different ethnicities, religions, faiths, animals, and cultures. Despite all the challenges I endure and experience every day in my life I manage to conquer each day with a smile to being grateful I have lived another day and survived.

I am blessed to the love and support of my family, friends, neighbors, fur babies, doctors, caregivers, my little kid friends, and so many people I have met and encountered. I am blessed to my dad JJ, my best friend and sister Monique, my best friend Kimberly, and my friends at my complex who watch out for me and step in to take care of me whenever I need their help. I know this for sure that I am loved unconditionally by so many people. Above all I am truly blessed and grateful to my parents who adopted me.

I wouldn't be here today if it hadn't been for them they saved my life. I dedicated this to my late mother Sharon and my father JJ. I stay strong by being an advocate for NF, by helping others, and listening to their stories. This makes me want to fight that much more. I'm writing a book on my experiences.

I have been involved in the local chapter for over 30 years and national CTF for about two years. Traveling to the symposiums and meeting more people living with NF, I know we can fight this together. I want NF to be a household name, like other disorders are. As a mother with a son who has NF, it changed everything. Knowing he might have learning disabilities and might need more help in the future, I started saving for his education right away. I worry that even though they're usually non-cancerous, that it could be cancer.

As a mother we tend to think the worse. I worry about the treatment from others he will get in the future. Will he be bullied? So many people have no clue what neurofibromatosis is and sometimes I wonder if people were more educated about it and knew what it was the way everyone knows what cancer is they would have more sympathy and not bully. We need to keep spreading the word. Everyone needs to know what NF is. I work full time at a bank as a supervisor. Jermaine Jr.

He is our pride and joy. They make him laugh!

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He loves all his rattles and plays with them more than I have ever seen any baby play with actual baby toys! Dream vacation Looking forward to taking Jermaine to Disney when he is older enough! Jesse was 3 months old when the pediatrician noticed the "birthmarks" on his skin. We consider ourselves very lucky that his doctor knew what to look for. She referred us to a neurologist and it was only 3 months later that he had a second marker for NF1 and was diagnosed at just 6 months old.

Jesse is currently working at Dunkin Donuts in our hometown. He recently got a driver's license and will begin community college in the fall. Jesse would like to become a Veterinary Technician by transferring to an accredited program when he completes his associate's degree. Our family has always been involved in fighting for the NF cause. When Jesse was very young, we held virtual tea parties in May every year and requested donations in lieu of gifts for many celebrations in order to raise money for research.

As he grew, so did our involvement. We participated in the Racing4Research fundraising program and always worked to connect people who were living with NF. When we moved to Richmond, we helped with organizing the walk here, became involved in advocacy in DC and got even more involved in leading other volunteers all across the country. Jesse will always be a part of a big support network of people who face the same kinds of challenges that he does. He will never have to fight NF without an army around him. Joseph was born with a tumor that was later confirmed to be NF1.

Today Joseph has 3 tumors in total. It changes the way we perceive life in general, teaching us patience and understanding, and how to be the best advocate. All we want for the future is to see out boy be able to reach for the stars, we are blessed to have him, we are learning together to fight NF. Joseph is in kindergarten and loves playing soccer, but his passion is one day to be a firefighter. Living with NF causes difficulties with school and learning.

It also causes physical disability due to tumors on Julia's spinal cord and optic nerves. Julia has become stronger as she overcomes the challenges of NF and participates in sports and activities with her peers to the best of her ability. She always has a smile on her face and is often laughing and having fun.

Her attitude is infectious and encouraging to all who get to know her. Julia's favorite activity is cuddling with her cat while watching movies. She also enjoys playing soccer and swimming. She loves going to school each day and learning new things. Her favorite subject is art. When she grows up, Julia would like to be an artist or a space police officer, if the job exists by then.

Julia often daydreams of being in space, floating freely and pain-free. Favorite food Chips! After every doctor appointment, Julia requests chips for the drive home. About Me Did you know that the name Kaiden means fighter or warrior? Even though I am only 9, I have been a fighter my entire life. On April 25, , I had to have my leg amputated due to complications with NF. Losing my leg was very hard for me and everyone in my family. We knew that once the surgery took place, things would never be the same again. Before my surgery, basic things such as walking, running, skating, wearing socks, or even getting in the shower were very painful.


I could not even make it through an entire school day wearing a shoe on my right foot. Every step I took, I was in awful pain. But, we were right to think that our lives would be different after the surgery. So different, in fact, because I am now pain free! I can walk, wear socks, take a shower, and recently, while in therapy, I learned to run! I ran for the first time as a 9 year old and it was the best feeling in the world! My mom even cried! Now there is so much more that I want to do, like learn to ride a bike and play tennis. I know that I would have never been able to do those things with my old leg.

That is what keeps me motivated. I remember what my life was like before and how I never played with other kids because I couldn't keep up. Now, they can't slow me down! My family and I work hard to spread the word about NF. In the year since my amputation, together my mom and I have participated in public speaking engagements about NF1 in places such as Valdosta State.

In addition, we have written a children's book scheduled release November about children with disabilities and physical differences. We participate in the Atlanta NF Walk every year and have even earned recognition as a top fundraiser. If I could tell other fighters anything, I would tell them to try and have a positive outlook on life. Having NF is tough- there are so many ways that NF can affect you physically, which is why it is important to be as strong as you can mentally and to always find joy in your situation or circumstance.

Right now, there is no cure but that doesn't mean there won't be one soon. I fight for NF because hopefully later on other kids won't have to. I learned I had NF1 when I found out there was a tumor on the back of my head that we thought was causing headaches and dizziness and had to get removed in I was officially diagnosed when I was 3 years old.

NF impacts my life by having a small percent of scoliosis. My first major surgery was when I was This surgery was for non- cancerous tumors eating at my bone and ending up having put in a plate and six screws. I ended up being on crutches for about three months. Currently I have two jobs as a preschool teacher. I love little kids and have wanted to be a teacher since I was six years old. I start my freshman year of college in the fall of I have three nieces and three nephews ages range from 16 to 1 years old and I love all of them. I am determined to help a child anyway possible do whatever I can to help them with the next level of the life to succeed in life and to be a wonderful person.

About Me: When I had just turned four years old my mother became very concerned. She noticed I had a lot of bruising. She thought I might have leukemia, but the bruises weren't going away. The pediatrician looked at my cafe au lait spots and measured my head. He then stepped out of the room and he brought one of the other doctors in the group in.

By the time my mother and I had left, all five doctors in the group had looked at me and referred us to the genetics department at the Los Angeles children's hospital. Due to my NF1, I have had a few complications ranging from bone abnormalities to tumors. I broke my left arm as a child and had a non-healing fracture from the time I was in Kindergarten to eighth grade. I was in and out of casts and wore a brace for the majority of the time.

Since that time, I've had numerous surgeries to reconstruct my arm and my wrist.

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Another complication I have had with NF is tumors. I have a couple of visible neurofibromas on my back. I found out I had a brain tumor when I was in high school. I remember it very clearly. I had a small bump on the side of my head. I didn't think anything of it at first and I thought that I might have bumped it during the night. It hurt whenever it was touched.

Throughout the day I became very tired and in a lot of pain. I spent the next two days in and out of the ER. I was then sent to a neurologist who confirmed it was a tumor. Luckily, after what felt like forever, it went away on its own. There have been other tumors, but the one that caused me the most daily pain has not come back.

Because of my NF, I was able to find my career path.